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Senior High Student’s Association October Newsletter

By Sarah Nagel


A brand new Student’s Council has been chosen for the 2018-2019 school year. Grade 10 members are Katie Hudson, Mason Toussaint, Brooke Hatala, Hailey Holtkamp, and Kenzie Oram. Grade 11 members are Sarah Nagel, Jenaya Roseboom, Emma Sargeant, Tim Trenson, and Marni Giebelhaus. Grade 12 members are Keelie Beierbach, Jayden Drost, Jada Holtkamp, Connor Ibbotson, Mac Tkacik, and Kaylea Greer-Schallock.


Student’s Association is an organized leadership by the students, whose goals are to boost our sense of identity and create activities for the enjoyment of our school community. We organize many types of activities throughout the year. Our Student’s Council is looking forward to our events coming up on Halloween to kick off the school year.



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