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May - June

This May has sure been filled with some entertaining and important events. At the beginning of May, the Senior and Junior high gathered food and money for Rimbey’s food bank. Collecting over 400 pounds of food, as well, brought in over a $1000 in cash donations. As you are probably aware our school is going through a renovation which included a face lift for the student room. Our group hosted a grand re-opening, with free popcorn and hot dog lunch. New furniture was added, and most to all the rest of the school renovation is just about completed. To finish it all off, the school hosted its last Awesome Assembly of the school year. Along with a competitive relay race, many junior students were acknowledged for their academic accomplishments. The grade 6's from RES were also in attendance to help get them excited for next school year when they make the big move. Our final event of the year will be the Sr. High BBQ on June 10th. Which was a truly tremendous way to slowly end the year off on an exciting note!  Let hope for great weather.


Marni Giebelhaus

Media Advisor

Rimbey High School Student Association



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