WOW ! I am now in year 21 teaching at Rimbey Junior Senior High School.

After teaching Senior High Math for 14 years, I am now in year 7 in the Wood Shop.

The cool part of getting old is teaching second generation students. It makes for great Parent - Teacher Interviews !


My teaching load includes :

CTF Woods Grades 7 - 9 , including Bluffton. 

CTS Woods Grades 10 - 12 , including Bentley

Health 9

Physical Education Grades 7 and 9.


Outside of class, I coach Senior A Girls Volleyball and Junior High Badminton.

I produced last year's class history video for graduation, and drive the Spartan bus for Junior High Basketball and Senior High Rugby.


Outside of school, I like to to use my carpentry skills and always have a project on the go.

I like to golf and cheer on the Riders, Leafs, and Oilers.

Finally, I am still chasing my NHL dream by toiling away in Rec. Hockey, .... so send the scouts.....


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