Star Testing

Star Testing

In a continuing effort to provide “Excellent Learning Environments” for all of the learners within Wolf Creek Public Schools, and allow us to provide the best possible support for students who need additional help, all Wolf Creek students, including ours at RJSHS, from kindergarten to grade twelve will be participating in STAR literacy and numeracy assessments (tests).  These tests will provide information to teachers allowing them to target literacy and numeracy instruction more accurately and effectively for each child.

The STAR assessments are designed to be as efficient and informative as possible.  On average, it will take students 15-20 minutes to complete a test.  We would like parents to be aware that these tests will be done periodically throughout the year so that teachers can:

  • Pre-assess students to see where students are at in regards to literacy and numeracy benchmarks

  • Target instruction to support students' growth

  • Continue to monitor student progress throughout the year